Sizing Information

Sizing Information

As a bespoke maker of vestments, we can tailor measurements to our particular clients requirements or preferences if requested, but the following are the standard sizings for our vestments.

Vestment Type  Sizing Information
Roman Chasuble (Pianeta) 110cm x 70cm (length x width) / 43.5" x 27.5"
Gothic Chasuble (Casula) 130cm x 140cm (length x width) / 51" x 55"
Semi-Gothic Chasuble
125cm x 130cm (length x width) / 49.5" x 52"
Neri Chasuble 125cm x 130cm (length x width) / 49" x 51"
Borromean Chasuble 145cm x 130cm (length x width) / 57" x 51"
Cope 155cm (length) / 61"

Body: 110 cm (length) x 60cm (chest) x 90cm (bottom width) / 43" x 23.5" x 35.5"

Sleeve: 30cm x 40cm / 12" x 15.75"

Humeral Veil 80cm x 250cm (length x width) / 31" x 98.5"