Galloons, Fringe & Tassels

Galloons, Fringe & Tassels

The following are just a few of many samples of galloons, fringe and tassels we can use in our vestments. This is by no means exhaustive, so if you do not see anything to your liking, please contact us to see what other offerings we might have or be able to source for you.

Please note: We are not a fabric merchant and, as such, we do not sell these independent of vestment commissions.

Code No.  Sample
Code: TR1
Code: TR10
Code: TR2
Code: TR3
Code: TR4
Code: TR5
Code: TR6
Code: TR7

Code: TR15

(Wide Galloon)

Code: TR8
Code: TR9
Code: TR11
Code: TR12
Code: TR13
Code: TR14
Code: OTR9
Code: OTR10
Code: OTR11
Code: OTR12
Code: OTR13
Code: OTR14
Code: OTR15
Code: OTR16
Code: OTR17
Code: OTR18
Code: OTR19
Code: OTR20
Code: OTR21
Code: OTR22
Code: OTR23
Code: OTR24
Code: OTR25
Code: OTR26
Code: OTR27
Code: OTR28
Code: OTR29
Code: OTR30
Code: OTR31
Code: FRG1
Code: FRG2
Code: TASL1
Code: TASL2
Code: TASL3
Code: TASL4
Code: TASL5